Welcome to Burningtown Baptist Church's new website. We are glad you looked us up. We welcome all to come join us some time, although we look at the role of the church a little different than most. We do not look at the church as you would a spa,looking at how the church can best serve you.(Do you have a good youth group, or choir, or worship service, even though we do) We see it as a place to serve, not be served. Come to learn and grow strong in your faith so that you may "fight the good fight". Come to go and make disciples. "The fields are white to harvest but the laborers are few".



Church New:                               

*Bible Study: Led by Charles Stevens

* Remember our Veterans' Clothing Drive. Please bring good, clean, gently used clothes to support our men and women veterans. (see Shirley for info)

*The CareNet Food Drive is underway. December: (Food items, Cleaning supplies, etc.), check for the basket up front.